Thursday, March 10, 2011

Psalms 1-5

Psalm 1
Be righteous; do not walk with the wicked and unbelievers, do not be with the mockers. Instead walk with the Lord, the creator of the universe. Do not be one of those who will falter and fall, those who do not love God, as they will blow away on the wind like chaff. Instead, be a tree and stand firm in His word and you will be blessed, eventually even having a place at the feet of the Lord in heaven.

Psalm 2
Many people do not trust that the Lord will provide, even when He promises to do so. They see his encompassing love as a heavy chain that keeps them away from what they want. To get what they want, they break 'free' of God, sending themselves right into the captivity of their own selfish thoughts. When people break away from the Lord to 'save' themselfs, He laughs. He knows that He can do whatever He wishes to, even when they believe that they know better. If only we give our lifes to Him, instead of trying to stick to our own desires, He will protect and provide for us. We only need to reach out for Him, and He will already be there waiting for us. He wants us to love Him, and yet we turn away from Him - even when God says that He will love and protect those who choose to follow Him.

Psalm 3
God always pulls through for us. Even when the unbelievers threaten to capsize us, we can hang on to Him and He will save us. When we call out to the Lord in need, He hears us. He truly sustains us, from helping us through the storms in life to creating us in the first place. With Him, all things are possible. With Him we need have no fear of those people or things that overwhelm us and pull us under, for He can conquer all!

Psalm 4
We really do need God. He has set a place aside in heaven for us already, but until then He gets us through every day in our life on earth. When we become overangered, we must call out to Him to help us through it, or it can overtake us and cause us to sin in ways that we wish we had not. With this anger and sin comes doubt - can there really be any good? Good does exist, and it always comes from God. He is the creator of all things good, so we must only look to Him to find it.

Psalm 5
When you call to the Lord, He hears you. We sometimes pray expecting an immediate answer, but God does not always work that way. He always answers, but it can take anywhere from minutes to years. God has created the good in life, and therefore he hates evil and sin. In our evil and sin, God cannot even look upon us - but with Christ's sacrifice, the gap between us in our sin and God is bridged, so that one day we may come live with Him in heaven. When you turn away from this saving grace and His love, everything begins to crumble. Your heart becomes filled with destruction, and you begin to fade away. Luckily, all you must do is turn back to God and repent, and you will be saved; this is the mercy of our God.

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